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25 August 2016
Newsletter #1:

Hello all. Here is the most recent edition of the KOST newsletter. We hope you enjoy reading all about the children, and KOST’s work in Kenya. Capturing the voice of the child Our discussions in recent committee meetings have focused on the need to consider the views of the children we are supporting. The UN […]

22 August 2015
Eat your greens…

Memories from childhood can take you by the throat and grab you in the most unexpected ways: I was reading an article in the BBC magazine by Colm O’Regan, in which he recalled his mother’s insistence on clearing plates at mealtimes, and I was taken straight into the back-alley of my childhood, fending off memories […]

8 June 2015
Walk this way

When I was fourteen, I got my first ever pair of platform-soled shoes. This was the seventies, and everything was up for grabs: colour was all and extravagance the name of the game. I know we’re not allowed to mention Gary Glitter anymore, but Glam Rock was definitely ‘it’ and my shoes reflected that. They […]

16 May 2015
Healthy options

So I was on the phone to the doctor’s surgery the other day. Contrary to street knowledge, our receptionists are actually very friendly and supportive, but I’d still not managed to get a routine appointment much before the next general election. Sigh! I retreated into the kitchen to enjoy a moan at the husband, along […]

20 April 2015
A long walk to freedom

The first time I ever heard of the concept of a sponsored walk was at the tender age of thirteen. My secondary school was holding a fundraising day and we could do anything sponsored to raise money. I opted for the sponsored walk.

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