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20 March 2015
We don’t need no education

I was thirteen when Pink Floyd’s ‘We don’t need no education’ hit the charts. I could be seen (and heard) roaming around my secondary school , arm through my best friend’s, singing it loudly. It was so cool! Like most teenagers in the western world, education was a necessary evil for me-to be tolerated and occasionally railed against, ‘hey teachers, leave those kids alone!’ we would shout.

22 January 2015
Welcome to our new KOST blog-spot

Hello and welcome to this new KOST blog. Its aim is to keep you up to date with KOST news and, well, have a chat about what’s going on-so put the kettle on.  I’m hoping you’ll feel able to comment on the posts. I’d be really interested to have your input! I first heard of […]

7 April 2013
Fundraising store collection

Thank you to all those that contributed to the fundraising event on the 6th April 2013 at a branch of Marks and Spencers in Leeds. A special thank you to Mabel the founder of this charity who collected early in the day, to Gill who organised the event, and everyone else that took the time […]

February Update from the KOST Children’s Home
15 February 2013
February Update from the KOST Children’s Home

Results are out! Twelve of our teenagers sat the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education exam recently and have now gained secondary school or training places. Congratulations to them all. Two boys really excelled, taking top marks and positions in their school. They are both orphans and have been supported by KOST for some years. Please help […]

13 February 2013
Welcome to our new look website

We are pleased to introduce our new, easy to use and informative website.  KOST is very grateful to bml-creative for its new look design and production, provided free of charge. We invite you to explore the pages and links to see why KOST’s work is so needed in Kenya.

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